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November 2019

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November 2011

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SwingJS: Converting Java Programs to JavaScript - Feb 5, 2020

The OSP project has partnered with developers at St. Olaf College  to convert OSP Java programs (applets and applications) to JavaScript using the java2script/SwingJS framework developed by Bob Hanson.  The SwingJS  website contains physics, math, and chemistry conversion examples.  They are not "ported" to JavaScript. They are not recreated in JavaScript. The JavaScript "applets" are created in parallel with standard Eclipse-based Java development, along with their Java counterparts. In the end, the original functional of the Java applet or stand-alone application its virtually identical JavaScript counterpart, with all the layout, events, and functionality of the original.


Singapore Open Source Physics - Nov 1, 2019

The Singapore Open Source Physics site hosts a large collection of open educational resources for teaching including simulations created with Java or JavaScript Easy Java Simulation models and video analysis experiments created with Tracker.  Simulations cataloged in the library have links to ready-to-run web pages and zip files with EJS source code.  The Singapore OSP site was awarded the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Education in 2016.

The Singapore OSP editor, Loo Kang Wee, also maintains an active blog that reaches out to teachers about Open Source Physics and other technology innovations in education and learning.


Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool - Oct 30, 2019

The Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool allows students to model and analyze the motion of objects in videos. By overlaying simple dynamical models directly onto videos, students may see how well a model matches the real world. Interference patterns and spectra can also be analyzed with Tracker.

Installers are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and include a Java runtime and Xuggle video engine.


PhysPort - Oct 30, 2019

PhysPort supports physics faculty in implementing research-based teaching practices in their classrooms, by providing expert recommendations about teaching methods, assessment, and results from physics education research (PER). This site defines "teaching method" in the broadest possible sense, to include¬†curricula, techniques, resources, tools, and reform strategies.  The Teaching Guides section on the PhysPort site lists over 50 research-based teaching methods, instructional strategies, and curricula developed by experts in PER. The Teaching Methods section provides an overview of Physlets and the Physlet Teaching Materials page provides easy access to PDF and EPub copies of Physlet Physics and Physlets Quantum Physics books and their associated instructor guides.


Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) Curriculum Development Project - May 29, 2008

The Statistical And Thermal Physics (STP) Project devoted to the enhancement of the teaching of undergraduate thermal and statistical physics. Its goal is to promote innovation in all aspects of the teaching of statistical and thermal physics in the undergraduate curriculum, including laboratory experiments, computational projects, student understanding of conceptual issues, ways of incorporating modern developments, issues related to energy in society, and conceptually-based ways of presenting statistical physics and classical thermodynamics.


OSP Projects:
Open Source Physics - EJS Modeling
Physlet Physics
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