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Using OSP-ComPADRE Simulations on Mobile Devices

AAPT Event
Feb 18, 2017 - Feb 21, 2017 in Atlanta GA

Smartphones contain sensors that can be utilized to take data and to simulate realistic demonstrations. We have developed activities using the EJS authoring tool that take advantage of these sensors and students' familiarity with their devices: a friction block on an incline and a simple harmonic oscillator. We use a web browser to display these systems with annotations, such as force-body diagrams, that respond to device motion and orientation. Our simulations and activities are freely available in the Open Source Physics Collection on the AAPT-ComPADRE website. During class testing, we found that 70% of students like using smartphones/tablets in class and self-reported data indicates that they found the activities valuable, and believed that the activities aided their understanding of the course material. These data are being used to modify the user interface and the activities for additional class testing. Preliminary data and ways to implement mobile-device activities will be presented.


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