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Creating Interactive Electronic Textbooks

EduLab, Singapore Ministry of Education Event
November 7, 2016 - November 10, 2016 in EduLab@AST, 2 Malan Rd

Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College, USA
Francisco Esquembre, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Lawrence Wee Loo Kang and Tze Kwang Leong, MOE, Singapore

With the rise of tablets, such as the iPad, the past few years has seen an increase in the demand for quality electronic textbooks. Unfortunately, most of the current offerings do not exploit the accessibility and interactivity that electronic books can deliver. In this four-day workshop we will describe the pedagogy and technology necessary to use, modify, and create an interactive electronic book in AAPT/ComPADRE (http://www.compadre.org) and as a stand-alone interactive book using Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations (EJS).  We will introduce the EJS tool (freely available on the AAPT-ComPADRE website) and lead participants through creating simple eBook with EJS JavaScript simulations.  Participants are encouraged to bring laptops to install and run the EJS authoring tool. No previous experience with electronic books is necessary.


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