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Creating JavaScript Simulations and Electronic Books for Computers and Tablets

AAPT Event
Jul 25, 2015 - Jul 29, 2015 in College Park, MD

Leaders: Francisco Esquembre, Mario Belloni, and Larry Engelhardt

In this full-day workshop we will describe the pedagogy and technology necessary to use, modify, and create HTML5 and JavaScript based simulations that run on both computers and tablets.  Our approach uses the Easy Java Simulations (now renamed Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations, EjsS) Modeling Tool to create, explore and deliver JavaScript simulations.  In the morning you will learn how to use the EjsS program to download one of the 100 existing simulations from the ComPADRE digital library, and inspect and modify it using EjsS. You will also learn how to export the modified simulation for distribution and run it on an independent computer and on a tablet using the EjsS Reader App (Android or iOS). In the afternoon you will learn how to create an electronic book from several existing simulations and will have time to work on a project of your choice to practice your learning in a hands-on project.


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