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Computational Modeling with Open Source Physics and Easy Java Simulations

South African National Institute for Theoretical Physics Event
Sep 02, 2013 - Sep 04, 2013 in University of Cape Town, South Africa

A hands-on introduction to Open Source Physics (OSP), Tracker video modeling, and Easy Java Simulations (EJS) to model physical systems that combines short expositions with practical sessions where participants will work in teams on computers provided by the organizers. Participants will study and explore, step by step, important computational examples, such as the gravitational N-body and the Ising models, to learn how they have been implemented, and then modify these examples to add new capabilities. Assistance will be provided during the sessions.

This workshop will benefit anyone teaching computer-based modeling as well as computational physicists wishing to adopt OSP, Tracker, and EJS for their own teaching and research. During the workshop we will discuss the general pedagogical and technical issues in the design of interactive computer-based tutorials as well as how existing models can be adapted to your local situation.

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