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November 2011

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Instructional Strategies for Introductory Physics

ATE Project for Physics Faculty Event
Apr 11, 2013 - Apr 14, 2013 in Appleton, WI

Workshop on project-based and simulations for teaching introductory physics for TYC and HS teachers.

Computer simulations, for example, can provide an interactive and conceptual mode for student understanding. Simulations alone, however, are not necessarily the answer for increasing student understanding. They must be informed by good pedagogical practices and must be adaptable to a variety of educational environments. Thus, this STIP workshop will allow participants to explore how these simulations can be used most effectively in the classroom. This often means coupling simulations with various teaching strategies.

During this workshop, participants will become familiar with the variety of simulations available. Participants will work with Physlets© (physics applets) and Open Source Physics resources ( Included in this set of resources are tools for authoring simulations (Easy Java Simulations) and video analysis (Tracker). Participants will also develop the ability and skills to modify, adapt, and construct new materials. One of the goals of this workshop is to provide a flexible suite of resources appropriate to different levels of instruction as well as different levels of technological sophistication (from low to high) so that participants can choose what will be most successful in their home environment.

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