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November 2011

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Designing Courses with Moodle

AAPT Event
Jul 13, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013 in Portland OR

Leaders: William Junkin, Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni

In this hands-on workshop participants will create a demo Moodle site that incorporates text, multimedia resources, and OSP simulations. This workshop will benefit high school and college teachers who wish to use Moodle for curriculum distribution and course management.  We will discuss the pedagogical and technical issues and have participants add to their demo Moodle site resources and activities such as warm-up (JiTT) pre-class questions, in-class polling (Peer Instruction with IPAL) using mobile devices and/or clickers, Open Source Physics models, and other resources from ComPADRE. Participants will leave with copies of their demo Moodle site, providing resources for use in their Fall courses. Participants may bring their own laptops.

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