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November 2011

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Physlets, OSP and ComPADRE

Physics Teaching Resource Agents Event
Jul 28, 2012 - Aug 01, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA

Participants will learn how to use and adapt existing Open Source Physics and Physlet-based curricular material in this hands-on workshop. We will distribute Physlets (interactive Java applets written at Davidson College) and ready-to-run Java programs and present examples of how they are used to actively engage students in the classroom. This workshop is based on existing material available at no-cost from the ComPADRE National Digital Library which can easily be adapted for introductory physics. Participants will have the opportunity to develop create electronic resource folders to share with students and other teachers.

In addition to these resources is the new filing cabinet with teacher customizable simulations at:
and the Astronomy 105 filing cabinet at:

The OSP Network:
Open Source Physics - Tracker - EJS Modeling
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