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Confined Two Piston System

Oct 23, 2011

The Confined Hard Disk Two Piston System  was published as a supplemental simulation for the article "The two-piston problem revisited: Generalization from reversible to irreversible expansion by Joaquim Anacleto, Joaquim Alberto C. Anacleto, and J. M. Ferreira in the American Journal of Physics 79(10), 1009-1014 (2011).  The model shows a constant-energy two-dimensional system of unit mass particles confined by two frictionless pistons of equal mass M.   This model complements theoretical work describing the adiabatic expansion of an ideal gas using the quasi-static approximation.  Users can set the number of particles  N, their diameter and their initial particle kinetic energy.  Slow-moving particles are color-coded as blue and fast particles are color-coded as yellow.  The time evolution of temperature, pressure, and piston speed are shown in a second window.


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