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Time Development in Quantum Mechanics Using a Reduced Hilbert Space Approach Documents

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Time Development in Quantum Mechanics Using a Reduced Hilbert Space Approach 

written by Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian

The Time Development in Quantum Mechanics paper describes the suite of open source programs that numerically calculate and visualize the evolution of arbitrary initial quantum-mechanical bound states. The calculations are based on the expansion of an arbitrary wave function in terms of basis vectors in a reduced Hilbert space. The approach is stable, fast, and accurate at depicting the long-time dependence of complicated bound states. Several real-time visualizations, such as the position and momentum expectation values and the Wigner quasiprobability distribution for the position and momentum, can be shown. We use these computational tools to study the time-dependent properties of quantum-mechanical systems and discuss the effectiveness of the algorithm.

Published April 1, 2008
Last Modified May 29, 2008

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