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Creating Electronic Books-Chapters for Computers and Tablets Using EjsS Documents

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Creating Electronic Books-Chapters for Computers and Tablets Using Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations, EjsS Modeling Tool 

written by Loo Kang Wee

This paper documents the process (tools used, design principles derived and
modeling pedagogy implemented) of creating electronic book-chapters (epub3
format) for computers and tablets using Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations (formerly
EJS, new EjsS) and Modeling Tool. The theory underpinning this work is
that learning by doing through dynamic and interactive simulation-models is
more easily integrated than knowledge gained through static printed materials.
I started by combining related computer models with supporting texts and illustrations
into a coherent chapter. From there, a logical next step towards more
complete support for teachers and students is developing prototypes for electronic
chapters on the topics of Simple Harmonic Motion and Gravity. This also is customized
for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level
(A-level). I aim to inspire more educators to create interactive and open educational
resources for the benefit of all

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