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Teaching Kinematics With Angry Birds Documents

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Main Document

Teaching Kinematics With Angry Birds 

written by Marcelo Rodrigues and Paulo Carvalho

The paper "Teaching Physics With Angry Birds" explores classroom's strategies for teaching kinematics at middle and high school levels, using Rovio's game Angry Birds, and the video analysis software Tracker. The paper shows how to take advantage of this fun video game, by recording appropriate motions of birds that students can explore for manipulating data, characterizing the red bird's motion and fit results to physical models.
Physics Education: Volume 48, Issue 4, Pages 431-437

Last Modified September 24, 2013

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Supplemental Documents

Teaching Kinematics With Angry Birds Archive 

The Teaching Kinematics With Angry Birds archive contains a *.trk data file and a video clip. Open this zip file from within Tracker.

Last Modified September 24, 2013

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