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Tracking the Coriolis Force Documents

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Main Document

Tracking the Coriolis Force 

written by Anne Cox

Tracking the Coriolis Force uses the Tracker video analysis tool to model the motion of a  ball rolling with constant velocity on a rotating merry-go-round. Video includes the motion of the ball as viewed from the rotating reference frame of the merry-go-round.  Using the Coriolis force equation, students build a model of the motion.

The zip file contains the activity handout, video and Tracker file. The video comes from YouTube and can be found at

A talk about this activity from the AAPT Winter Meeting 2013 can be found at

To open the Tracker file, download and run Tracker from Tracker is free.

Published June 7, 2012
Last Modified January 8, 2013

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Supplemental Documents

Tracking the Coriolis Force Instructions 

Instructions for using Tracking the Coriolis Force resources.

Published June 7, 2012
Last Modified January 8, 2013

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