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Easy Java Simulations Ocean Tides post and replies

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Easy Java Simulations Ocean Tides
lp pro
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There is a reference of wonderful Java applets run in the web browser.

However I cannot run them as the source code seems to be lost. Even if I unblock the security settings.

The applets were developed by using Easy Java Simulation by Francisco Esquembre, professor of Murcia University, Spain.

Any idea how these can be run and if they are available in Open Source Physics.

Applets if am looking for:

Global picture of tidal forces and the force at a fixed point
Time variations of tidal forces at different fixed points
Rotating tidal forces as mutually orthogonal oscillating forces
Two systems of oscillating forces
Standing waves driven by the oscillating forces
Both oscillating waves and the circulating tidal wave
The tidal wave over resonance
Tidal friction and the phase delay



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