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Video problem with Tracker Online post and replies

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Video problem with Tracker Online
Elodie Michel
2 Posts


When I use tracker online to open a .trk file, I have an error message : the video is not found (picture is joined).

I don't not what is the problem with the location of the video.

Then, an other message suggets to convert the video in .mp4
But this one is alerady an mp4 file...

I have no problem when I work with the program loaded on my computer.

I try to use the online version because my students work with a Chromebook.

Thanks for your help !

Elodie Michel

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Replies to Video problem with Tracker Online

Re: Video problem with Tracker Online -
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Tracker Online does not yet load trk files.  Please package the trk data file together with your video in a TRZ file using the Save | Project menu.  

There are many mp4 codecs and Tracker Online only supports browser-compatible codecs.  Please encode your video using H264 codec.  We often use the Cloud Convert online converter or the HandBrake app.



Another possibility is to convert your video to an image stack. the TRZ file will be larger, but an image stack will always works because it does not use a codec.

Re: Video problem with Tracker Online -
Elodie Michel
2 Posts

Thanks for your advices.

I do all the steps you describe.

I have converted the video wtih handbrake (into an .mp4 file with codec H264).

I save my work into a .trz file on my computer. But when I want to open this one with tracker online, the download fluctuates between 0 and 10 % et never opens...

Is the video to big for the online version of tracker ?

Thanks for your answer.

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Re: Video problem with Tracker Online -
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Thank you for reporting this bug.  What operating system and hardware are you using?  We can reproduce this bug on an iPad but not on a desktop computer.

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