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Can't launch Ejs Console post and replies

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Can't launch Ejs Console - May 19 at 11:29:AM
xun deng
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when i bottom"Launch Easy Java Simulations" and then nothing happened

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Replies to Can't launch Ejs Console

Re: Can't launch Ejs Console - May 20 9:27:AM
lookang Avatar
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It looks like you did not install Java run time.
After you install Java runtime ejss editor should launch.

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Re: Can't launch Ejs Console - May 21 6:49:AM
Francisco Esquembre
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It is difficult to say more without an error message or some more information.
A simple problem might be that you did NOT unzip the distribution file but are rather trying to run from the file viewer (that shows a view of files inside a zip without decompressing it).
Please, make sure you 'unzipped' the distribution file, and then run the extracted EjsConsole.jar file.

If this does not work, please open a windows prompt file, cd to the directory where the EjsConsole.jar file is and type at the C:\ prompt the following "java -jar EjsConsole.jar"

Then, copy and send us the (maybe lengthy) error messages that you will surely get.

Best of lucks,


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