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AMD issues when using Point mass post and replies

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Point mass creation
Samuel Salazar
1 Posts

When i create a Point mass, tracker starts to look like the photo below

Attached File: Tracker1.jpg

Replies to Point mass creation

Re: Point mass creation -
Khari Harrison
4 Posts

Hi, I have been having this exact same issue recently, was a fix ever found? I've been exploring the possibility it is related to video file type, were you using .avi files?

Re: Point mass creation -
Michael Peschk
4 Posts

Linuxversion 5.1.5 + Ryzen 5600X + Nvidia grapics is OK

Re: Point mass creation -
Jesús Mendoza
1 Posts


I had the same issue, it seems to be related with running  MSI afterbourner and riva tuner at the same with tracker, if you have any of this softwares try runnig tracker without afterbourner and riva tuner that worked for me.

hope it helps.

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