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Xuggle is not working on tracker post and replies

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Xuggle is not working
Justin Tang
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To whom ever is reading this, thank you for taking your time and I hope you can help me figure this out.

I have reinstalled the Tracker so many times, but it still pops up an error that says "One or more video engines are installed but not working. For more information see help>diagnostics>about Xuggle"

That is what I have done, but it just says that xuggle is not working and could no determine the problem so it sent me here.

When I click on about java (see image below), it says that the java is version 9 and all those other things.

I have no idea what to do, I have looked the same problem up, but didn't get anywhere so I'm hoping there's someone out there that can help. Again thank you for your time.

Attached File: nono.PNG

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