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Tracker unexpectedly closing? post and replies

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Tracker shuts itself down
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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A student contacted me yesterday and wrote:

Tracker closes itself every time I try to use it. I am working on a project for school. Every time I try to measure something (sometimes even when I just click at something) Tracker shuts itself down. I was wondering if it could be that it is not working cause I am working on a Macbook?

Then she got back to me again today with:

I have found a solution. The program will not shut down anymore if I have multiple tabs open.

Has anybody else experienced or heard of this issue? Please post if you have to help me figure out how and why it happens. Thanks!  Doug

Replies to Tracker shuts itself down

Re: Tracker shuts itself down -
Peder Solberg
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I have had a similar problem come up recently, although it does not seem to be restricted to situations where I have only one tab open. It does, however, seem to only happen for video files for which I get the "frame duration" warning. The app unexpectedly closes after I hit "search" to track a point after I have already done this for one other point. For example, in my setup, I am tracking 3 points: masses A, B, and C. When I perform the Search function on A first, it works fine but then crashes when I hit "Search" for B. When I perform the Search function on B first, it works fine, but then crashes when I try "Search" for mass C after that.

Another piece of information that may be helpful is that this issue seems to occur in version 5.1.5 and 5.1.2; however, I have had a potentially unrelated problem where I hit the "upgrade" button on the popup in the app and Tracker closes and reopens in version 5.1.5; however, after closing and reopening the app manually after doing this upgrade, it opens in version 5.1.2.

Re: Tracker shuts itself down -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
339 Posts

Thanks for the feedback and additional info on this issue, Peder. I'm not sure what's going on with the crashes when autotracking but as far as the version 5.1.2 vs 5.1.5, it sounds like you may still have version 5.1.2 set as a preferred version. Open the preferences (Edit|Preferences) and in the Runtime tab set the preferred Tracker version to default. This will always open the latest version you have.

Re: Tracker shuts itself down -
Peder Solberg
2 Posts

Thanks for the tip--that worked to get it to default to 5.1.5. Since I did that, I have not received any "frame duration" error messages upon opening video files, and therefore also have not had the issue with the app crashing.

Re: Tracker shuts itself down -
Stephen Hayes
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I am having problems with Tracker closing when I pretty much do anything related to the use of the time line. I cannot crop a video to the appropriate size or even reset the video to the beginning again without Tracker shutting down.

I am running version 1.1.5 on a Windows PC.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Kind Regards,

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