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Examples on how to make 3D Simulation post and replies

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3D Simulations
Navoneel Karmakar
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I am currently learning how to use the EjsS (high schooler). I am quite comfortable with Java but, now I am having problem and doubts with the HTML View.
I want to create simulations for the Celestrial sphere and Orbits in 3D.

It will be very helpful is someone can provide how to Create a 3D sphere that can be rotated in all the three axis and how to *embed stars in the sphere* and *how to link up variables with the elements in the HTML View*. Any example will help, since I am trying to learn from them.

I have looked up some the EJS source codes, like for the celestial globe model  by Todd Timberlake : https://www.compadre.org/osp/items/detail.cfm?ID=9379

But these don't have the HTML View in them, the thing that I am trying to learn about.

Replies to 3D Simulations

Re: 3D Simulations -
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Which version of EJS are you using?  EJS has two versions.  One version (the older version) produces compiled Java simulations (jar files) and this version does not have an HTML view.  The newer version produces JavaScript simulations and this version produces an HTML page.

Re: 3D Simulations -
Navoneel Karmakar
2 Posts

I am using the EjsS 6.0 version.

I downloaded the EJS source codes under the subheading supplementary materials from some of the simulations on astronomy section ( like the example that I provided). Extracted all the files in the source folder of workspace.Then opened it through the EjsConsole. It has all the sections except html view. This is the case with all the source codes I downloaded.
But the original one runs just fine.
Also when I try to run them, it says that there is no html view for the code.

Re: 3D Simulations -
lookang Avatar
222 Posts

There is a JavaScript version over here



https://iwant2study.org/ospsg/index.php/interactive-resources/physics/02-newtonian-mechanics/08-gravity/241-gravity09 Enjoy!

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