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No Video Engine: video engines not working post and replies

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Video Engines not working after 5.1.4 update
Henry Webb
2 Posts

So I'm an undergraduate physics student, and I've used Tracker before for a physics lab. It worked fine. But after booting up Tracker for a recent lab and updating it to 5.1.4, It stopped working. Every time I start it, I get a "No Video Engine: One or more video engines are installed but not working" error. I followed it's initial instructions of checking the About Xuggle page under Diagnostics, which then just tells me that "The Xuggle video engine is not working" and instructs me to reinstall Tracker.

I uninstalled Tracker and did a clean install. This did not work and I got the same series of error messages. I also tried restarting my computer before doing a clean install. This didn't work either. I've browsed the forum to try and find a solution. I've found people with similar problems, but no solution. I tried downloading the previous version of Tracker, but it doesn't come with an installer, just the jar. I couldn't get that to work either. I also tried installing Quicktime and doing a fresh Tracker install again, but Quicktime doesn't even show up as an option in preferences.

I'm running Windows 10. Attached are some pictures of the error messages as well as the message log when I run the About Xuggle diagnostic.

Attached File: XuggleMessageLog.txt

Replies to Video Engines not working after 5.1.4 update

Re: Video Engines not working after 5.1.4 update -
Henry Webb
2 Posts

So I tried booting up Tracker again this morning to check if it was still broken, and it decided to magically start working again. I'm not sure what fixed it because I didn't do anything to it since when I made the first post, but I'm no longer getting the "no video engine" error anymore. I'll make another post if the issue returns for some reason in the next few days.

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