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Problem Uploading video post and replies

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video not uploading - August 1 at 10:33:AM
Kate Dyball
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I have tried to upload a video from my i phone and it continually comes up with an error- I have tried other videos and the same happens. I have also opened the video on quick time and there doesn't seem to be a problem there so im not sure what to do?- any suggestions?

Attached File: Screenshot20200801at16.04.32.png

Replies to video not uploading

Re: video not uploading - August 01 11:39:AM
132 Posts

Please provide more information, such as video format and computer type and operating system.  Some file types are not supported by Tracker.  Have you tried to convert the video to a stand mpeg format?  Do Tracker examples load into your Tracker program from the ComPADRE digital library?

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