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Multi-user and Computer Lab Configuration post and replies

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Multi-user and Computer Lab Configuration
an tona
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EJS version 4.0 provides a clear separation between EJS binary files and the EJS user workspace. Users create and store their models in a source directory in their own workspace. EJS generates output files in the user's workspace when models are compiled and run.

To run EJS users execute the EJS Console program packaged in the EjsConsole.jar file.

1) EJS console checks to see if the workspace is read/write. It the workspace exists and is read/write then Ejs starts running. If not, a dialog pops up asking the user to select/create a proper workspace.

2) If the user selects a valid workspace with the correct read-write permission, then Ejs starts without further complaint.

3) If the user types in a path for a workspace that does not exist or if the read-write permissions are not correct, another dialog appears telling the user that the workspace directory does not exist and asking the user if the workspace directory should be created. EJS then creates the necessary subdirectories.

IN ADDITION to creating empty workspace subdirectories, there is a check box that says "Copy default files into this workspace?" The default workspace files are in the workspace that is in the directory next to the EJS bin directory.

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