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The property "Connected": false of of Element "trail" does not work post and replies

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Trying to plot points in a trail-element of the JavaScript platform
kostas papamichalis
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I am working an application in EJJS platform, in the JavaScript flavor. The Java VM in my PC is the 1.8 JRE SE 32bit. The EJJS version is the 5.3.180219. I use the Mozilla browser.
Description of the problem: I try to plot separate points with coordinates (t,x), where x is a certain function of t, in a trail-element. If the property 'Connected' has the value 'true' everything goes OK: The browser returns the anticipated continues curve. Nevertheless if the value is 'false', although the applet is running, nothing appears in the corresponding window. Nothing is noticed as 'error' in the console of the browser. I tried to use the commands _view.trail.setProperty("InputX", ...)... in the main program, but the results were the same.
Please, help me!

Kostas Papamichalis
PhD Physics

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