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How to Contribute new Sims? post and replies

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How to contribute - November 11, 2016 at 2:27
Eileen Meyer
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I may have missed something obvious on the site, but is it possible to contribute our own simulations to the OSP site?  I am thinking of developing one with my K-12 teacher-partner (I am a researcher), and I would like to have it find a wider use besides just in her classroom.



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Re: How to contribute - November 11 2016 9:30
lookang Avatar
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Try this suggest button

Or u could attach your source here.?

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Re: How to contribute - July 10 2018 8:07
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You can contribute material to the OSP site many ways:

Method 1: You can post a link to your material if is hosted on a shared folder in the cloud when you comment on an OSP item.

Method 2:  You can upload a file when you post to a Discussion thread.  For example, you can start a discussion about teaching conservation of energy in the K-12 Teacher Forum and then post a lesson plan.  

Method 3:  You can submit new material using the "suggest a resource" link in the upper right hand corner of the main page.  Please note: Material is peer reviewed and we only catalog simulations that are based on OSP tools, such at EJS or Tracker, or that make use of items on the OSP site.

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