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Problem with Ejs console post and replies

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Problem with ejs console
Erick Msaputra
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Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with ejsconsole.jar

i cant start the ejs.

the "launch EJS" button change to "osejs.Run"


i've update the java but it doesnt help.

please help me.



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Replies to Problem with ejs console

Re: Problem with ejs console -
lookang Avatar
222 Posts

try to debug with another computer. the program should work.

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Re: Problem with ejs console -
Francisco Esquembre
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Make sure you fully unzipped the distribution ZIP file and are NOT trying to run from the non-unzipped file. Some OS (such as Windows) allows you to navigate the ZIP file as if it had been unzipped. Your error message looks very much like this to me.


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