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Wank Tank Modeling in EJS post and replies

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Water Tank Modeling in EJS
Omar Ahmed
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Hi, I need some help with a simulation I'm doing with water tanks. I am trying to show the water level slowly increasing but if I use a for loop it always changes the level instantly without showing the gradual increase. All I'm trying to do is make the level increase slowly but I cannot seem to figure it out?? Also, is there any way to rotate the water tanks in EJS to a certain degree measure?

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Re: Water Tank Modeling in EJS -
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You are exactly correct.  If you compute all your data in a loop the data and the state of the system is displayed at the end of the loop.  To show the data as it is being generated you must do a time evolution.  Evolve the system using an appropriate time step and EjsS will display the state of the system after every timestep.  See, for example:


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