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Tracker HTML file tutorial post and replies

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this tutorial is for finding the HTML file in Tracker file with extension trz
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reference: http://weelookang.blogspot.sg/2016/05/where-is-tracker-html-file-found.html


Where is Tracker HTML file found? When a regular user of Tracker ask this question, it means i better blog it and benefit more people. Enjoy! the following are the steps

Life Hack, or Hack "you are not admin of your computer"

If you cannot install WinRAR program on your computer, you can try just changing the extension from trz to zip and then right click the file to select unzip it, this should work too, skipping step 1 to 4!

  1. Select and Tracker file and do a right click to invoke more options such as "Open With...." select any Zip program, such as WinRAR archiver. If you don't have that, install any zip program such as Zip or 7 zip etc.
  2. the Zip program should open it and provide options, if pop up appears, just "Close"
  3. Select "Extract To"
  4. Agree by clicking "OK" to extract to default folder and location, assuming you know where the trz is downloaded to
  5. Now, navigate to the folder with the expanded files
  6. Double click into the folder html 
  7. The Tracker HTML file should be view-able by opening it using a browser such as chrome 
  8. hope you enjoy this tutorial walk through!

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