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Cannot Import Videos post and replies

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Cannot import videos, Please Help
Sjoerd Ypma
2 Posts


I cannot seem to import video's as it stops import at 78% and restarts at 25%

I just got the software today and I have tried both Xuggle and Quicktime but Quicktime does not support mp4's and Xuggle keeps restarting the import.

The problem is that I recorded the experiments in 120 frames per second which is difficult to convert to another format without chainging the frames per second which I need for the accuracy of the data.

My operating system is windows 10 64bit.

Is there a solution to this?

Any help is appreciated

Replies to Cannot import videos, Please Help

Re: Cannot import videos, Please Help -
Sjoerd Ypma
2 Posts

OK the problem is fixed

I had to just wait, The restarting bar still happened but eventually it loaded the video.
Not sure if this is a bug but it could be that my files were huge.

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