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It is a great pleasure to announce that UNESCO has recently recognized OSP Collaborator Loo Kang Wee with an ICT in Education Prize.  I encourage you to visit Loo Kang's blog to view his many EjsS simulations.


The source code for these simulations can also be directly downloaded into EjsS using EJS digital library browser.

UNESCO Citation: The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Singapore is rewarded for its project "Open Source Physics@Singapore". The project has been developed by the Educational Technology Division of the Ministry of Education since 2012. Its goal is to give users, including students and teachers, the freedom to learn from, build on and share well designed ICT resources for teaching and learning physics. An outstanding innovative tool, "Open Source Physics@Singapore" for learning physics using an open platform, including open source code and open content, was developed. Both students and teachers work in a collaborative and innovative way, benefiting from the adaptable resources that it provides for better learning and teaching. So far, 9,800 students have been reached by the program in primary, secondary and TVET schools. In addition, the software application enhanced collaboration between the educational community, the Ministry and industry. It is easily scalable to a larger community as the tools and content are available worldwide.

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Thank You professor Wolfgang, in addition, the presentation used is also available here the OSP@SG content management system. http://iwant2study.org/ospsg/index.php/awards/329-unesco-king-hamad-bin-isa-al-khalifa-prize-for-the-use-of-icts-in-education




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