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Tracker and 120 frames/second post and replies

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Dionysis Konstantinou
2 Posts

Hello Tracker users!
I use the version 4.91 and I tried to analyze a motion recorded in an 120 fps video (it was somehow quick and not well recorded in 30 fps) The graphs related to position (x-t and y-t) are very good and if I divide the t-axis by 4, (for example I copy the data from the table to an excel file and make a graph with the calibrated t-axis) become "real" that is the graphs correspond absolutely to the real phenomenon. I cannot do the same with the velocity and acceleration. Could someone give me a solution?

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Re: question -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
353 Posts

Just open the Clip Settings (5th button from the left on the toolbar) and set the Frame rate to 120. All times and time-dependent data will then be correct.  Doug

Re: Re: question -
Dionysis Konstantinou
2 Posts

Thank you Doug.

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