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Export website with applet post and replies

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Export website with applet
Apostolos Michaloudis
28 Posts

Hello everyone!
It seems that the option "Export website with applet" doesn't work anymore!
Also, it uses depricated html 5 tags, such as frameset.

Could you please update this option cause it is very usefull for people that don't know about html and css in order to create a simple site with the applet?

One more thing:
In the greek translation of the ejss, at the layout option of a frame or panel, the translation for the Vertical Box is "katakorufo kouto", but the correct one is "katakorufo kouti", as it is correctly for the horizontal one.

(katakorufo kouto in greek means vertical dump!!!)
Sorry bu it seems i cann't write in greek, just replace the last o with a greek i.

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