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Color in Java Scripts post and replies

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Java versus Java Script
Fernando Silva Fernandes
10 Posts

In Java, declaring a variable (x) as an object:

x = Color.RED;

it's OK.

The same thing in Java Script gives the error :"Color is not defined".

How to do it in EJsS?

Replies to Java versus Java Script

Re: Java versus Java Script -
178 Posts

JavaSscript does not have a Color class but you can create a color variable using any of the standard color names;  For example:

var c="Red";

Known color names are listed here:

You can use the rgb function of you can create a function that returns a color from three integers:

function rgb(r, g, b){
  return "rgb("+r+","+g+","+b+")";

Re: Re: Java versus Java Script -
Fernando Silva Fernandes
10 Posts

Many thanks for your help.

I'll try it asap.


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