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Video Failed post and replies

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Video Failed during opening
Martin Krynick√Ĺ
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I have video file created by Samsung HMX-S10, MP4 format. It has 300 fps, I can play it without problems on Quicktime or VLCPlayer, but Tracker always fails when I try to open it. Tracker version 4.87, Xuggle 3.4.1012, Quicktime 7.7.6. Mp4 files on 30 fps trackre opens without problems.

Replies to Video Failed during opening

Re: Video Failed during opening -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
353 Posts

Martin, have you tried to open it with the QuickTime video engine? You can change the preferred engine in the preferences Video tab (Edit|Preferences).

If that doesn't work you may have to use a separate video conversion program (there are many free ones) to convert to FLV or other format that Xuggle handles better.

Hope this helps.  Doug

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