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Change Tab on click post and replies

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Change tab panel onclick
Apostolos Michaloudis
28 Posts

I have created aTabbedPanel with three tabs, let's say tabA, tabB and tabC.

Is it possible, when i click on a button, to change to the desired tab?

For example, i am on tabA.
By clicking a button, i want to go to tabB, without the traditional method of clicking on the tab tabB.

I hope you understood, sorry for my english!

Replies to Change tab panel onclick

Re: Change tab panel onclick -
Francisco Esquembre
228 Posts



does the trick. Tabs are indexed staring from 0, for the first tab.

Note: There is a Selected property that you na use for this, too. But I just discovered that it has a bug and does not work for the first tab.

I corrected it. Next release will have the bug fix.


Re: Re: Change tab panel onclick -
Apostolos Michaloudis
28 Posts

Thanks mr Esquembre!

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