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EJS and Matlab/Simulink post and replies

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EJS and Matlab/Simulink
Manuel M.
6 Posts

Hi everybody. I'm learning about EJS and his use with Matlab/Simulink. I saw that there is a EJS version that support the matlab software and it include an example of the use of Simulink with EJS but I didn't see that there will an example of this in none of the download versions.

I would like to know if someone know where I can find the version which include the example, in the '_examples/ExternalApps/Simulink' directory.

Thank you!

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Replies to EJS and Matlab/Simulink

Re: EJS and Matlab/Simulink -
Francisco Esquembre
228 Posts


The last version of EjsS that really supported Matlab is 3.47. Currently, there is group in Madrid working to create a Model Element that will connect to Matlab and Simulink.

Maybe available in a few months.


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