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Nasty graphs (plots) post and replies

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Nasty graps (plots)
Mariusz Krasinski
17 Posts

I am converting old EJS files to EJSS files. The problem is that plots look worse than previously. Problem is with axis labels. In previous versions (below 5), I do not know why, but labels were reasonable (2,4,6 or 5,10,15 etc) even when automatic scaling of axis were used.

Now I have something like that:


with 2.6, 5.2, 7.8 etc. 

Probably I have found some way to overcome the problem because it seems that programme diveds axis always by 10. But the method is time and code consuming.

I wonder why previously plots were nice and now are so nasty. I do not see any differences in parameters windows of pld and new EJS. I do not see also any possibility to set something in parameters window of plot or graph.

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