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Export data from ejs to excel post and replies

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I need some help with export data to excel.
Natthawin Cho
6 Posts

I want to export data from my simulation to excel.

I found that I have to use POI-HSSF but I know nothing about using it.

Anyone can tell me how to use this library with ejs from the beginning?


Replies to I need some help with export data to excel.

Re: I need some help with export data to excel. -
Léo Santos
10 Posts

Hello Natthawin ChoYou can use the DataTool function in your simulation, and with the data generated by this function , use ctrl + c and ctrl + v in any Excel cell. It works.

Try enbale the option "Add Data processing tool (DataTool and FourierTool)" in the tab "Run options" on the "Information About (your project name)" on the right side of the EJS to use DataTool in your program. With it, try to use "DataTool" in elements options with the right click of mouse.

Another question, reply. :D

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