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The Bell Gedanken Experiment EJS simulator, submitted post and replies

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Juan Maria Fernandez
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I have just finished the submission of The Bell Gedanken Experiment, an EJS simulator dedicated to the thought experiment described by John S. Bell in his article "Bertlmann's socks and the nature of Reality", published in the Journal de Physique, Tome 42, Colloque C2, supp au Num 4, p. p41 (1981), and also in the Cambridge University Press book  "Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics"which contains the collection of Bell's articles on Quantum Mechanics foundations.

The sim shows a 3D version of the two Stern-Gerlachs dispositive, and the source of entangled particles in the Singlet state for spin 1/2 . The user can operate the simulator, and get the data, in the way described by Bell in his article.

EJS source code-version 5.0-and an Introduction and User Guide in pdf are also uploaded. The sim interface is in english, and only requires java 1.7 .

Attached to this post you can see the Intro and User Guide.

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Attached File: TheBellGedankenExperiment_Intro_and_UserGuide.pdf

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