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Physlet Physics 2E eBooks post and replies

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PP2E now on iTunes and Google Play
Mario Belloni
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Two new eBooks are available to support the Physlet Physics 2E web site.

Physlet Physics 2E Volume I (ISBN: 978-0-9905805-0-8)
Physlet Physics 2E Volume II (ISBN: 978-0-9905805-1-5)

These eBooks have been segmented to support first- and second-semester physics courses.  These eBooks are now freely available for download from both Google Play Books and the iBooks store.  

Simply search "physlet" in either iTunes or the Google Play store.  Once downloaded, these books will be readable in either the iBooks Reader app (on Mac OS and iOS), the Google Play Books app (Android), by using Google Play Books app within the Chrome browser (Windows).

Physlet Physics 2E is now an entirely free electronic set of interactive resources for teaching introductory physics. The Java-based resources are freely available on a national digital library: http://www.compadre.org/Physlets/ and run on recent Mac and PC operating systems with a Java-enabled browser.

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