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Problems in version 5.0 post and replies

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First problems in version 5.0
Juan M. Aguirregabiria
12 Posts

I have just started using version 5.0 (which looks great) but I still find some problems I had with 5.0 beta.
1. I still get the error messages about description pages, which then are *not* included in the jar file. For instance, in my own "users/ehu/jma/analytical_mechanics/action.xml" I get:
Add description page error : Couldn't find description file: Introduction
Link = ./action_Intro_1.html
Add description page error : Couldn't find description file: Activities
Link = ./action_Intro_2.html
Add description page error : Couldn't find description file: Author
Link = ./action_Intro_3.html

2. "users/ehu/jma/chaos/Henon_Poincare.xml" compiles without complaining (after selecting Java 1.8 as target)

Generating simulation file Henon_Poincare...
Compilation successful
Congratulations! The simulation was generated successfully.
Trying to run simulation Henon_Poincare..

But the simulation doesn't show and must be killed.
The problem is related to the use of the deprecated DrawingPanel3D_old (and happens in all my old simulations using that element).
OK, I know, it's deprecated; but then, maybe it shouldn't compile...

3. This might be an older problem: in "users/ehu/jma/analytical_mechanics/adiabatic.xml" there appear two strange labels after "Partial" and "Fill": "Ctrl+F1" and "Ctrl+Teclado numérico-6" (see attached file). If I remove the Accelerators (p and f, respectively) these labels disappear, but where did they come?

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