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Feature Request: File folder location post and replies

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File Folder Location
Tim Brown
4 Posts

I would like to request a feature.

When opening a new video file, have the default save file location correspond to where that the new video is located.

Currently (on a Mac) the save location defaults to the previously used saved location based on where the last video file was saved.

With the current save behaviour, my .trk files are being saved in past video folders every time I forget to update the save path.

Replies to File Folder Location

Re: File Folder Location -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
339 Posts

Tim, testing on my Mac (or PC) when I open a video (with a file chooser) and then immediately do a Save Tab As... the save location is the same as the video, not the previous save location. Isn't this what you want? Do you see a different behavior on your Mac?

If you open several videos from different locations, then save the tabs, the default save location will be that of the last opened video when saving the first tab and the same as the previously saved tab for the rest. Is this what you are doing? If so, are you asking that each tab be saved by default in the same directory as its video no matter when they were opened?



Re: Re: File Folder Location -
Tim Brown
4 Posts

Well look at that. I have never opened video files using the file chooser. I have always dragged and dropped the video files into an empty window. I find it is faster for me to use the Finder window to find my video files.

Minor tweak to my feature suggestion. When using drag-and-drop of a video file, use the folder location of the dragged video for the starting save location.

Re: Re: Re: File Folder Location -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
339 Posts

Tim--thanks for the clarification. I didn't test the drag-n-drop behavior!  I'll make that change in the next release :-)  Doug

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