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Export for EjsS 5.0 post and replies

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Can't export file
Chi-Feng Lin
28 Posts

Dear Paco,

I run my ejss file well in design mode of EjsS 5.0 (EJS_5.0_beta_140506).
But when I export the ejss file, Ejss shows many error messages, and no ZIP file is exported.

Could you help me to fix the error?

Best Regards,


Attached File: EJSS_source_and_error.zip

Replies to Can't export file

Re: Can't export file -
Nick Gross
17 Posts

I downloaded your EJSS file and compiled it.  It appears to work for me.  
Try some of the settings and see if that helps.

Which version of EJSS are you running?  You should make sure you have the latest version.


Re: Re: Can't export file -
Chi-Feng Lin
28 Posts

Dear Nick

I have fixed my problem. (my system win7 x64)

1. Uninstall all old version of java
2. download the latest offline installer for win7 x64
3. install it

all error messages are gone.

ps. don't install java from browser online , uncertain errors remain.

Thank you for your hints.

Chi-Feng Lin

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