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"WebGL not Supported" in EJSS 5.0 post and replies

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"WebGL not Supported" in EJSS 5.0
Chi-Feng Lin
28 Posts

I tried to create a drawing Panel 3D, but PREVIEW screen shows a "WebGL not Supported" message.
How do I do for the error?

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Replies to "WebGL not Supported" in EJSS 5.0

Re: "WebGL not Supported" in EJSS 5.0 -
Francisco Esquembre
228 Posts


Unfortunately, JavaFX (which is the engine behind the Preview HTML Emulator in EjsS) does not support (yet) WebGl (which is needed for 3D HTML graphics).

The solution is to run the example using your external browser, which most likely does support WebGL.

Do the following:
- Right-click the Run button in EjsS (the green triangle)
- Select one entry under the submenu  "Run Modes" (there will probably be only one)

This feature, running your preview using your browser, can be made your default action when clicking the Run button for this model. To do so, select the Simulation information dialog (top-right icon in EjsS) , and under the tab "Run options", cheek the "Use browser as preferred Run method".


Re: Re: "WebGL not Supported" in EJSS 5.0 -
Chi-Feng Lin
28 Posts

Dear Paco

Thank you.

In this case, there is the other question. I put "drawingPanel3D" in "panel" and also put drawingPanel and plottingPanel in "panel2". When runs the case, only display "dawingPanel3D" but  "drawingPanel" and "plottingPanel" disappear. IF I remove "drawingPanel3D", "drawingPanel" and "plottingPanel" will show when runs the case.

Can't "drawingPanel3D" put with "drawingPanel",  "plottingPanel" in the same case?



Re: Re: Re: "WebGL not Supported" in EJSS 5.0 -
Francisco Esquembre
228 Posts

Hello again,

Yes, you can have as many panels of any type as you desire.

The problem is caused because the panel 3D is empty. If you add any 3D element to it, it will probably work fine.

This is a bug on our side. We will take care of it. (Whenever there is an error, the rest of the Javascript is not run. This is why the other two panels don't show.)


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