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Sounds on EJS post and replies

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Sounds on EJS
German Blesio
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Hi, I'm new with EJS. To be honest, I haven't created a simulation (yet), I'm just adapting (and translating to Spanish) one I have found. I'm trying to add a sound to the simulation. My real aim is to create a sound of one frecuency and play it. To start I've tried to just play a sound (a wav file) with the SoundSelector button but I couldn't do it either. It is possible to create a sound and play it?Is there any documentation about using sound with EJS so I can learn?

Thank you very much

Replies to Sounds on EJS

Re: Sounds on EJS -
Francisco Esquembre
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Attached is an old example that uses the SoundSelector. (It is old because it uses the old 2D elements, but the use of the SoundSelector is fine.)

Run the model and use the sliders to change the balance...


Attached File: ejs_src_SeeSaw.zip

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