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tracker_start.log post and replies

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tracker_start.log - Jan 23, 2014 at 1:05AM
lookang Avatar
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hi prof doug,

any idea why tracker 4.83 cannot launch in all singapore school owned machines?

1. there is no such file generated tracker_start.log
2. the problem as shown in tracker is "none"

at first i suspect the machine didnt have jre 6.

but it seems to be present as well.


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Re: tracker_start.log - Jan 23 2014 4:26PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
161 Posts

Hi Loo Kang,

I may have introduced a bug in version 4.83 that causes it to fail on some networks. I am working to correct this and will send you (by direct email) a new tracker_starter.jar to test.

I hope to fix this very soon and will then update the installers and report the fix to the entire group.


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