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Pause simulation post and replies

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Pause simulation - Sep 5, 2013 at 10:31AM
Wallace Barbosa
7 Posts

Dear experts,

By running the simulation all happens naturally, but when the first body reaches the ground the pause simulation. I would like your help to when only the last body that is "true" hit the ground the pause simulation.

Wallace Barbosa

Attached File: ejs_QuedaLivrefinal2.rar

Replies to Pause simulation

Re: Pause simulation - Sep 19 2013 9:55PM
lookang Avatar
190 Posts

change to
if ((y1 + y0 <= -0.1)&&(y2 + y0 <= -0.1)&&(y3 + y0 <= -0.1)) _pause();

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Re: Re: Pause simulation - Sep 20 2013 9:21AM
Wallace Barbosa
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Dear lookang, thank you.

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