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Endless loop when loading video post and replies

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Video loader loops
Paul Fontana
2 Posts

I'm loading a .mov video in v4.81.  The video loader progress bar gets to 79%, then returns to 20% and climbs again, and keeps skipping back to 20% every time it gets past 79%.  At first the loop appeared to be endless, but after letting the video load for a while and coming back later, I discovered it had eventually terminated and the video was in memory.  Is this normal?  How many times should I expect to have to wait through the loop?

Replies to Video loader loops

Re: Video loader loops -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
339 Posts

This is the normal progress bar behavior when loading a video with Xuggle. Each iteration of the progress from 20 to 80% represents 1200 frames loaded.

This behavior is needed since Xuggle cannot determine how many frames the video has in advance. When loading a video specified in a trk file, the frame count IS known and the progress bar does not iterate.

Re: Re: Video loader loops -
Paul Fontana
2 Posts

Thanks for the prompt reply!  That explains it.  My video is 16112 frames, so must have iterated 14 times, each iteration taking a minute or so, and when you don't know what a program is supposed to be doing, 14 min. ~ ?.

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