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Tracker video loading issue post and replies

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Help please - Aug 1, 2013 at 8:00PM
Mark Bateman
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I am using tracker to analyse a ball falling, rolling down a plank and constant motion and our school computer system will now open tracker and when I import a video it will load to 20% and no more. The videos are AVI and about 3M and I dont know what to do. I have had to install the xuggle video engine on all machines and this has got me to the loading stage but only 20% Please help as I am using this in 3 days time and I am lost. I will attach the screen shots of some issues that i think i have solved with Xuggle.


Attached File: Screenshot.docx

Replies to Help please

Re: Help please - Aug 05 2013 1:29PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Hi Mark,

I suggest you try switching to the QuickTime video engine unless you're running on linux. To switch engines, open the Video tab in the preferences dialog (Edit|Preferences) and click the QuickTime checkbox. You may have to restart Tracker.

Hope this helps.  Doug

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