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Gravitational unit post and replies

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mks or cgs
Man Tol
5 Posts

Hi!Mr. Paco Esquembre,
For a model that is drawn to scale in centimeter, should I use g=980m/s/s or maintain the g=9.8m/s/s in the aux variable? My problem is that when using g=9.8m/s/s I may not be getting the true rpm result although it may seemed  operating normally. When using g=980m/s/s the model just  goes haywire  then freezes.

Replies to mks or cgs

Re: mks or cgs -
Francisco Esquembre
228 Posts

Actually, EJS does not use the units in any form.
But I'd rather think that 9.8 is the correct value. If 980, you are running the system at a very high acceleration and things will move too quickly.


Re: Re: mks or cgs -
Man Tol
5 Posts

Thank you Sir!

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